Maritza Rivas CEO ScienceDocsCEO of ScienceDocs Inc. Ms. Maritza Rivas


After finishing a premed curriculum in 2003, Ms. Rivas served as a Spanish translator and interpreter for the UCLA School of Public Health in several ongoing studies.  It was during this time that Ms. Rivas recognized the burgeoning need for not only technical translation support, but moreover for an organization that offered a comprehensive set of services and tools for researchers.  In lieu of continuing on to medical school, Ms. Rivas started a family—which came to include the quickly growing ScienceDocs Inc. 

Ms. Rivas transformed what was originally a modest English<>Spanish translation company in the Los Angeles area into a global presence after the launch of several robust websites, partnerships and brand creation.  Dozens of more languages were offered into and out of English, editing and writing services, statistical consultation and grant proposal assistance.  ScienceDocs became the gold standard for high-quality research support for individual researchers, corporations and governmental institutions…all propelled by an engine of over 2000 of some of the most skilled scientific support specialists in the industry, from peer-review level medical editors and writers, to engineers, to PhD translators, MDs and biostatisticians.

Ms. Rivas is proud to have created a company that employs the most talented individuals, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.  She is equally proud to serve scientists from around the world, to assist them to bring their research and to bring their voice into the global discussion which brings us all into a brighter tomorrow.

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