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ScienceDocs Editor Dr. David B. – Ph.D. in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 

Materials Science and Engineering Editor Dr. David has years of experience in materials science, metallurgical engineering, and materials characterization techniques with specialized expertise in the impact of processing variables on microstructure and the properties of materials.  He received his B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science with a double major in Economics at Carnegie Mellon University, and worked several years in steel and welded and seamless pipe manufacturing.  He subsequently earned M. Engr. and Ph.D. degrees, also from Carnegie Mellon, and specialized in electronic materials and high-speed devices.  Dr. David’s graduate research was conducted collaboratively with the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, on the correlation of microstructure and interfacial properties for thin film devices based on the compound semiconductor gallium arsenide.  Dr. David has built and directed (scanning) transmission electron microscopy laboratories for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, ranging in values up to $3 million, and has helped save over $35 million in processing costs using those labs.  He has hands-on experience in electron and ion microscopies, x-ray diffraction, surface analysis, imaging and analytical spectroscopies, and other characterization techniques. 


Dr. David served as managing editor and author of the technology newsletter at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, has co-authored a nanotechnology patent related to biomolecule sensing, and has translated diverse technology capabilities for a global electronics manufacturing services firm into electronically available marketing content.  In this role, he combined technical knowledge with business acumen to enhance customer outreach, engage prospective clients, and facilitate training.


Dr. David has published in scientific and technical journals as well as in corporate proprietary internal conferences since 1988, primarily on the materials aspects of high-speed semiconductor devices, quantum nanostructures, optoelectronics, and application of electron and ion microscopies and sample preparation techniques. He has reviewed technical papers and presentations for an International Symposium on Testing and Failure Analysis, and has presented at domestic and international conferences and in university settings.  Additionally, he has a passion for and has given invited lectures on environmental sustainability.


Dr. David is available for writing, editing, and reviewing, and has training and practical experience in materials science, metallurgy, engineering, microscopy, image processing, statistics, experiment design, lab design, and intellectual property. He uses excellent analytical skills, sound ethics, teamwork, and perseverance to provide concise writing and editing.


Dr. David loves playing baseball, and enjoys photography, hiking, poetry, tai chi, cycling, and art.


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