Math EditorDr. Analee – Math Editor, DoD Grant Writer, Project Manager

Math Editor Dr. Analee has over ten years’ experience in research and technology development for the Department of Defense. Prior to earning her PhD, Dr. Analee worked for engineering firms as a program management coordinator. After earning her PhD in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2010, she worked as a mathematician, principal investigator and program manager for the Air Force Research Laboratory in the Sensors Directorate. For over six years, Dr. Analee used her expertise in real and complex analysis, statistics, partial differential equations, data science, computer science and engineering physics to develop software that simulates and analyzes electromagnetic scattering from various materials, from soil to biological tissue. She also served as a research monitor, validated scientific material, wrote and reviewed DoD proposals including both academic grants and SBIR/STTR grants.

In 2011, Dr. Analee became the principal investigator for a landmark human subject study that measured the scattering energy of low-power, high-frequency radar waves that were incident upon human subjects between the age of 4 and 75. Dr. Analee designed multiple IRB-monitored study protocols that ensured multiple-age-group subject safety in the presence of UHF and VHF electromagnetic energy. The study output was a method that develops an individual radar-scattering based signature that contains biometric markers that can be used to uniquely identify a person after a short UHF/VHF active radar scan.

Since 2015, Dr. Analee has expanded her expertise to include scientific communication by developing curriculum, science writing and scientific editing. Her expertise lies in editing highly precise and technical manuscripts that will be submitted to publications like IEEE (e.g., antennas and propagation), Institute of Physics (Inverse Problems) and other high-impact applied math and engineering publications. Dr. Analee has experience editing applied math, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, mathematical physics and computer science manuscripts including artificial intelligence and machine learning. She also enjoys working with students to ensure they learn how to develop and communicate their scientific innovations via thesis and dissertation editing.


Dr. Analee is a Latex editor.

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