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Mr. Craig is an accredited medical illustrator, graduating from RIT. He graduated with a BFA and a concentration in medical illustration. After college, he interned at a major pharmaceutical ad agency, before striking out on his own.  Among his first clients was the New York Times. This turned out to be a great opportunity, since the exposure enabled him to acquire many clients. One of them, a major publisher of science textbooks: HBJ.  He also illustrated covers for another publisher, based in Iowa. Although his main clientele is in pharmaceutical advertising, he also has worked for many trade journals. About twenty years ago, he started working closely with many medical malpractice attorneys, creating demonstrative evidence illustrations for their clients. These illustrations proved to be a huge asset for the attorneys and their clients.

After fifteen years of working with traditional media, ie, airbrush, and pen and ink, he gradually switched to working digitally. Once he got comfortable working in the 2D world, the next logical step was working with a 3D software package, the same one that he uses today. As complex as the software has evolved over the years, he has continually improved his expertise. In addition to creating still images, Mr. Craig gravitated to 3D animation, an ongoing learning process.

In addition to working with art directors, he has worked closely with copywriters, editors, attorneys and healthcare professionals.  Mr. Craig has won many awards in the US, as well as receiving a bronze medal at the 2008 Cannes festival for an illustration for DDB, Berlin. He continues to explore his medium of choice, for still imagery, and animation, always learning and growing.

 On a non-medical art note, Mr. Craig visited China in 1987, for a drawing and painting sponsored by the Pratt Institute. He has since created many watercolor paintings as well as numerous photographs.


Some examples of Mr. Craig’s work:



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