molecular biology editorDr. Kelli, Plant Science and Molecular Biology Editor

Dr. Kelli is an editor in the field of plant science and molecular biology.  She received a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Davis and a PhD in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology from UCLA, where she also worked as a post-doctoral researcher.  She has over 10 years of research experience, primarily focused on uncovering gene regulatory networks programming plant embryogenesis.  Her areas of expertise include plant development, gene regulation, genomics, transcriptomes and methylomes.  She has experience writing and editing manuscripts, dissertations, grant proposals, teaching materials, conference posters and slide presentations.  She has written and edited grant proposals resulting in millions of dollars of funding from the NIH and NSF.  As an editor, she is particularly sensitive to writing issues faced by researchers who learned English as a second language.  Whether she is writing a peer-reviewed research article or an undergraduate laboratory teaching manual, she always keeps her audience in mind to clearly convey the science with the appropriate level of technical detail.  She welcomes the opportunity to help researchers publish and present their work clearly so that the science can be appreciated.

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