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ScienceDocs neuroscience and ophthalmology writer Dr. Weiss has worked as the Associate Director, US Neuroscience and Ophthalmology Publications at Novartis, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, East Hanover, NJ. Dr. Weiss has also worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 7 years; Hoffman La-Roche (oncology, immunology) and Pfizer (Wyeth; CNS) as a researcher. She was a professor of biomedical science, teaching courses in pharmacology, neuroscience, cell biology and anatomy/physiology, and a principal investigator running a research laboratory in cellular/molecular neurobiology and physiology for over 11 years.  She is an experienced workshop leader and course facilitator having delivered training programs and teaching at all levels from kindergarten to high school students, and undergraduate/graduate students to experienced physicians.

She has been writing in the biomedical science field for over 16 years and has numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles published. Prior to joining Novartis Dr. Weiss worked at Allergan, Bridgewater, NJ, as a senior medical writer in eye care, Publications. Dr. Weiss has a Bachelor of Arts in biological science (genetics-cellular and molecular biology) from Rutgers College, Rutgers University and a PhD in neuroscience (cellular and molecular) from Iowa State University. She is a member of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN), International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP), and the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA).


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