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ScienceDocs neuroscience and ophthalmology writer Dr. Weiss has worked as an Ophthalmology medical writer at Allergan (now part of AbbVie), Associate Director, US Neuroscience and Ophthalmology Publications at Novartis, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, LEO Pharma Global Medical Affairs and in biotech in the neurodegeneration and rare disease therapeutic areas. Dr. Weiss has also worked as a translational science researcher in the pharmaceutical industry for 7 years; Hoffman La-Roche (oncology, immunology) and Pfizer (Wyeth; CNS). She was a professor of biomedical science, teaching courses in pharmacology, neuroscience, cell biology and anatomy/physiology, and a principal investigator running a research laboratory in cellular/molecular neurobiology and physiology for over 11 years. 


Dr Weiss has been writing in the biomedical science field for over 19 years and has numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles published. She has a bachelor’s degree in biological science (genetics-cellular and molecular biology) from Rutgers College, Rutgers University, and a PhD in neuroscience (cellular and molecular) from Iowa State University. She holds a certificate in Medical Communication: Essential Skills for Success from the American Medical Writers Association and has completed Brain-Based coaching courses toward coaching certification.


Dr Weiss is a leadership coach/mentor and consultant, and can provide expert help in the following areas:


  • Empowering your team to success
  • Medical affairs and science coaching
  • Preclinical and translational research
  • Clinical research
  • Data and post hoc analyses
  • Biotech and Pharma publications and medical affairs compliance
  • Translational science Proof of Concept (PoC) research proposals
  • Clinical trial & launch strategies; product life cycle management
  • Medical expert engagement & collaborations
  • Patient engagement as authors
  • Patient friendly publications (plain language summaries, infographics, etc.)
  • Social media for publications to expand reach & increase impact
  • Omnichannel engagement and audience tailored digital innovation
  • Advisory boards, steering committees, field medical training, IRB review, & vendor management
  • Program, training & project management
  • Publication planning strategy
  • Development of preclinical/clinical abstracts, poster/oral presentations & manuscripts; scientific & medical communications


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