Below is a checklist we have compiled for clients who are going after a NIH Phase I SBIR/STTR Grant.  Feel free to use this list to help you prepare, but also we advise you go to the NIH SBIR website for further information.  We also have a comprehensive questionnaire on this page. Feel free to submit our questionnaire if you would like some consult from us and/or grant writing services.  To have a look at some of our SBIR writer staff, please visit this page.nih grant

Eligibility requirements

 Small business legal entity formed (s-corp, c-corp, LLC)
 Establish bank account for small business
 Apply for Tax ID number (EIN/TIN) at
 Dun & Bradstreet registration
 registration
 registration
 eRA Commons account registrations (principle investigator and signing official)

Choosing which NIH institute / solicitation to target

 Identify health application field(s) of product developed during project
 Identify institutes with funding objectives in health application field(s)
 Search SBIR/STTR opportunities within those institutes
 Evaluate funding opportunity announcements (FOA) with goals that align with your project
 Prepare project executive summary (usually draft Specific Aims)
 Identify Program Official within relevant FOA and email to request phone call to discuss project (include Specific Aims in email)

Individual documents to prepare for submission to NIH

 Narrative (1-2 paragraphs)
 Abstract (200-500 words)
 Specific Aims (1 page limit)
 Research Plan (6 page limit)
 Bibliography (no limit)
 Budget Justification (~1-3 pages)
 Facilities (~1-2 pages)
 Equipment (~1-2 pages)
 Biosketches (1 for each Sr./key personnel using most recent template)
 Letters of support (2-5 letters from customers, partners, consultants, etc)
 SBC Proof of Registration
 (if necessary) Authentication of biological and chemical material (< 1 page)
 (if necessary) Sub-award budget for academic partner (variable)
 (If necessary) Vertebrate animals (1-2 pages)

If human subjects are involved (usually not a Phase I activity)

 Protection of human subjects
 Data safety monitoring plan
 Inclusion of women and minorities
 Inclusion of children


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