nih sbir grant writerDr. Andrew M.- NSF and NIH SBIR Grant Writer and CSR Writer

Dr. Andrew M. has won nearly $10M in funding for ScienceDocs clients.  He is an SBIR expert with a broad range of knowledge and skills that can strategically align SBIR projects with investor and market needs. Dr. Andrew M. is perfect for your SBIR grant writing project because he combines scientific expertise, practical knowledge of the SBIR program, and real world commercialization experience along with a proven track record.

Dr. Andrew M. has been a serial entrepreneur in biotechnology companies, specializing in creating and/or identifying early value and effectiveness with therapies in disease areas that have a high unmet clinical need. As an experienced CEO, he is recognized by his peers as a leader in this field. The combination of Dr. Andrew M.’s business acumen and scientific expertise is a critical strategic combination for early stage companies. Dr. Andrew M. sits on the Boards and acts as an advisor for several companies. During his career, Dr. Andrew M. has successfully entered into early stage partnerships with Pharma companies to progress projects and understand how to position projects effectively.

Dr. Andrew M. is a registered Pharmacist, having been awarded a degree in Pharmacy by Strathclyde University in 1998. Dr. Andrew M. was awarded his PhD in Medicine from Glasgow University in 2005. In addition, Dr. Andrew M. was an Assistant Professor and Researcher at Brown University, where he invented novel treatments for stroke, autism and glaucoma. Dr. Andrew M. also created and taught courses on Learning and Memory, and on Pharmacology. Dr. Andrew M. has diverse experience, including ophthalmology, CNS, Pulmonology, drug delivery, GMO technology and oncology. Dr. Andrew M. has published papers and patents describing his work.

SBIR track record: Dr. Andrew M. has served as an NSF  and NIH SBIR grant scientific reviewer over the last 5 years. He has a successful track record in SBIR grant writing and funding dating to 2010 as an awardee. His first SBIR grant was focused upon a peptide drug for ischemic stroke. This was recently reviewed for a Phase 2 award of ~$3m by NINDS with Dr. Andrew M. as PI and was scored a near-perfect ‘15’. In addition, Dr. Andrew M. has had 2 recent Cystic Fibrosis Phase 1 SBIRs that covered the development of two parallel CF programs (NIDDK and NHLBI).  Both SBIRs were completed successfully. Dr. Andrew M. has a track record of planning and successfully leading preclinical programs that lead to viable commercial opportunities for investors and Phase 2 projects. Dr. Andrew M. is expert at writing both research plans and commercialization plans, and building and describing teams and environments for successful projects.

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