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by ScienceDocs NSF CAREER Grant Expert Mr. Geoff


The Brass Ring

The NSF CAREER Grant (NSF 22-586) is the one of the agency’s most competitive programs with 3,500+ applications for 500 awards. The major differences between CAREERs and other NSF opportunities are: 1) Applicants are limited to three attempts, 2) CAREER awards are investments in people rather than projects, and 3) The required integration of education.

People over projects

Consider an NSF CAREER Grant Proposal attempt in Years 5-10 in a 30-year career. CAREER awards are based on reviewers’ sense that an awardee is not only pursuing compelling research, but also demonstrating their potential as a future leader in their field, which covers aspects outside many PIs comfort zones, such as clarity of articulation, the ability to effectively communicate to multiple audiences, and a comprehensive vision that illustrates interests beyond one’s professional development.

The Dealbreaker

The integration of education is just as important as the science. CAREER education plans must go above and beyond one’s regular teaching duties. They must show commitment, creativity, and innovation. Some of the many options:

  • Create an entirely new course based on your research area.
  • Bring your research into class in discrete, well-defined modules.
  • Include undergraduates on your research team.
  • Inspire middle- and high schoolers to pursue STEM degrees via outreach activities.
  • Enlist community members as citizen-scientists.

Rules of Thumb for NSF Career Grant Proposals

  • Write to an “intelligent lay audience,” not your peers.
  • Write for articulation, not page limits.
  • Broader Impacts should be at least ½ a page, preferably ¾ of a page.
  • Educations plans must be inclusive, ambitious, and at least 3 pages.

They said No! What Now?

Precious few NSF CAREER Grants are awarded from first submissions so expect to have to re-submit. Remember that review panel critiques are invaluable. If yours is specific on weaknesses, then treat it as a to-do list. If yours is more generalized or conceptual, then you may have to re-envision the project.  Treating the science and education plan as equal partners offers the best chance for success.


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