OB/Gyn EditorOB/GYN and Cardiology Editor Ms. Abraham

Ms. Abraham brings more than 20 years’ experience to ScienceDocs working in the field of healthcare as an editor and writer on a wide range of topics, including obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, and cardiology to name a few. Ms. Abraham combines her knowledge of the healthcare field with her extensive experience in communicating research developments, timely news, and human-interest stories to promote audience engagement and interest. Specializing in crafting impactful materials while ensuring clarity, concision, consistency and quality, she has been a contributing writer for a number of different medical publications, including a CME anesthesiology newsletter for anesthesiologists and other pain practitioners. Ms. Abraham worked closely with a world-renowned expert in gastroenterology to substantively edit a book on hepatitis C for patients and families affected by the disease.

For the past eight years, she has worked as an editor for a nonprofit public health organization where she has edited a variety of documents for donors and developing countries. She has edited technical reports, white papers, training materials, posters, presentations, grant proposals, peer-reviewed journal articles, grant proposals, reports, white papers, posters, presentations, training materials, and press releases, blog posts, and other web content. In addition, she regularly wrote stories on program achievements and successes and human interest pieces for publication on the web.

Ms. Abraham earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and her master’s degree in writing, with a concentration in medical writing, from Johns Hopkins University. 

As a seasoned editor and writer, Ms. Abraham has extensive experience editing and substantively editing papers for publications and a proven ability to work on a variety of topics. She began working with ScienceDocs more than a decade ago, helping authors attain their publication and professional goals to communicate their research to a broader audience by editing papers and peer-reviewed journal articles in many different healthcare specialties. For many years, she has worked with both native and non-native English speakers in many different disciplines. She understands the importance of helping authors convey their researching findings accurately, clearly, and concisely while also adhering to the journal guidelines and specifications, all under tight deadlines. Ms. Abraham is thorough, conscientious, and responsive.

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Keywords: editing, grants, copyediting, substantive editing, healthcare, cardiology editor, ob-gyn editor

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