Dr. Connie – Oncology Editor, Broad Spectrum Expertise

Oncology Editor Dr. Connie earned her PhD in Oncology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison after receiving a BA degree in Chemistry from Asbury University. Her doctoral thesis focused on a signal transduction pathway utilized by tumor-promoting phorbol esters. After academic postdoctoral positions that involved research on angiogenic and hematopoietic growth factors in cell-based systems, she transitioned to industry. Her experience was then broadened to include immunodiagnostics, bioconjugation to nanoparticles and the validation of prototype instrumentation. Working at both established and start-up biotechnology companies, Dr. Connie contributed to projects related to nanotechnology and microfluidic devices. While consulting in a start-up environment, she found that she could contribute significantly to SBIR grants by providing English language editing and then began working as a contract oncology editor.


Since 2012, she has edited more than 940 scientific manuscripts covering a broad range of fields, including medicine (such as oncology, neurobiology, immunology, and cardiology), chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and engineering, as well as some articles on applied mathematics and computer science. These editing assignments focused on clearly and concisely presenting complex scientific concepts and procedures for authors who use English as a second language (ESL). Dr. Connie is able to understand the intended meaning of ESL authors and provide accurate English language editing in the discussion of results. She has authored or co-authored papers presenting her own research and knows how important it is to properly convey the results to avoid potential confusion.


Another aspect of scientific communication for most biotechnology companies is the clear presentation of website content. Dr. Connie has edited website content for an ESL client and approached this assignment with the same careful attention to detail and clarity that she uses in editing manuscripts and grants. In 2012, she created her own website to showcase her poetry and artwork and thus has an appreciation for how the general public may view website content.


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