patent writerPatent Writer and Agent Mr. Neil

Patent Writer Mr. Neil worked for several years as a product development engineer in the medical device industry. He is intimately involved with the documents required for the product development process, specifically those required for any design control process. He also drafted materials for marketing purposes – abstracts, posters, slide presentations, and manuscripts. As a technical writer, he is adept at taking technical information and distilling it so that a non-technical audience can appreciate it without dumbing down the content.

He is also a patent agent, helping inventors take their ideas and turn them into patent applications. He acts as a sherpa throughout the application process, assessing inventions’ patentability, drafting patent applications, and responding to office actions. The patent office issues office actions to reject an application or object to certain aspects of the application. In the case of application rejections, Neil is skilled at identifying holes in patent examiners’ arguments and amending application claims to get applications allowed. While medical devices are his specialty, he has also drafted patent applications for consumer goods.

He received his undergraduate degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Toronto and graduate degrees in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering from Clemson University and Columbia University, respectively. He is also a Professional Engineer in the State of California. 

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