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Dr. Anne — Immunology and Pharmacology Editor

Anne received a Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Pittsburgh where she focused on the regulation of ELL-Associated Factor 2 (EAF2) in the normal prostate, prostate cancer, and C. elegans. Other research areas in the course of her over seven years in research have included studying the physical and biological characteristics of a cytokine IL-10 homozygous deletion mouse as a model of frailty, generating monoclonal antibodies to detect cancer stem cells, and two Immunology rotations in graduate school. Anne’s graduate coursework included classes on Molecular Biology and Immunology in addition to Molecular Pharmacology.

During graduate school, Anne turned her comprehensive exam, written in the style of an NIH T32 training grant into a Department of Defense training grant that funded her dissertation research. She also attended numerous conferences, writing abstracts and submitting posters for them. She published one first author paper in addition to her thesis in graduate school and two secondary author papers, one in graduate school and one in college.

Towards the end of graduate school, she received a QI2T Healthcare Innovators Fellowship from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation where she met with people from a variety of backgrounds to design information technology solutions to healthcare problems. Inspired by this, she spent a year building a healthcare information technology startup, crafting business plans, slide decks, and seeking funding before shifting back to writing.

Anne graduated cum laude from Amherst College where she majored in Biology. In addition to writing scientific articles, Anne copywrites, blogs, and writes science news articles. In her free time, she writes alternate-history science fiction, using her research skills to craft historically-accurate characters and technology, publishing her stories professionally.

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