Dr. Jennifer, ScienceDocs Pharmacology Editor

Dr. Jennifer specializes as a pharmacology editor, however she has a broad background including neuroscience and addiction behavior.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Clemson University, with a research emphasis in enzyme structure and function. She also has research experience in the field of genomics and DNA sequencing, working at the Clemson University Genomics Institute (CUGI). While at CUGI, she saw the completion of the International Rice Genome 10 Sequencing Project.
She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy. Dr. Jennifer has clinical practice expertise as a pharmacist in a hospital setting. Her practice interests include education and application of appropriate antibiotic use to decrease the burden of multi-drug resistant organisms, as well as the evaluation of renally-eliminated drugs in high risk patients.

Dr. Jennifer is a medical writer and editor with experience in researching and preparing scientific publications, developing public relations materials, creating educational resources and presentations, and editing technical manuscripts. Her clients have included academic research institutions, government agencies, international authors, pharmaceutical companies, professional organizations, and public advocacy groups. She has long-standing partnerships in biomedical editing, including editing manuscripts for non-native English speaking authors.

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