Plant Science EditorDr. Lesley B.- Grant Editor, Genetics and Plant Biology Specialist

Grant Editor Dr. Lesley B. holds a PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology, and a Master of Sciences degree in Animal Sciences. Lesley has a diversified scientific background and has experience with NIH, USDA and NSF grants. Laboratory experience includes studying the effects of canola-based diets on fat deposition coupled with treatments with a putative anti-atherosclerosis drug, trimethylamine-carbomethoxyborane, in divergently selected mouse lines. Lesley also researched the effects of epigenetic modifications on multiple copies of endogenous and non-endogenous genes in Coprinus cinereus. In a Howard Hughes Medical Institute laboratory, Lesley worked on the origins of human B-cells. This involved studies in human cell lines, chicken and lamprey. Research also includes improving citrus and specialty crops for the state of Florida. This involved identifying genetic targets for combating Huanglongbing/Citrus greening in citrus, the bacterial pathogen, and the insect vectors. Lesley has worked with scientists from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China and was a post-doctoral associate at Okayama University in Japan. Currently, Lesley has worked with clients including ProgeneDx (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome testing), US Department of Agriculture (Plant Pathology) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (Department of Immunology). As a ScienceDocs Grant Editor, Lesley has reviewed and edited many grants, as well as having written the following funded grants: ‘Determining the role of a low-titer, non-lethal Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in Huanglongbing progression’, California Citrus Research Board;Development and implementation of new control strategies for citrus Huanglongbing-Phase II’, USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program – Farm Bill; ‘Development and implementation of new control strategies for citrus Huanglongbing’, USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program – Farm Bill; ‘Dissecting the disease complex of citrus Huanglongbing in Florida, Florida Citrus Advanced Technology Program, and ‘Establishing the yeast two-hybrid system for the basidiomycete Coprinus cinereus, The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) through the National Science Foundation.


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