English to PortugueseMs. Castro – English to Portuguese Translator

Being both a biologist and a translator, Ms. Castro has a truly solid knowledge base for scientific and medical translation.

Ms. Castro studied Biology at the University of Aveiro, in Portugal, and also secured an MSc in Coastal Zones Sciences. The focus was on environmental monitoring with a multidisciplinary approach. Subsequent research at the university comprised extensive field sampling and lab work, including identification of marine and estuarine benthic organisms, sediment characterization, toxicology assays with a local amphipod and data analysis.

After successfully completing the MSc in Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation with Translation Technology – or MScTrans, for short – at Imperial College London in 2004, Ms. Castro started working as a translator. Most of her work is in the area of Life Sciences, ranging from clinical trials to environmental reports and occasionally including interpretation as well. These varied projects draw on her scientific interest and language skills in what feels to be a custom-made job. She always aims to deliver accurate translations that read as much as possible like an original.


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