post award grant coordinatorMs. Natalie — MBA- Post Award Grant Coordinator and Federal Financial Reporting Consultant 

Natalie is a post-award grant professional with experience in multiple industries, including government, academia, and non-profit organizations. Natalie is skilled in all areas of federal, state, and local accounting standards. Expertise includes grant budget development, SEFA reporting, 2CFR 200 compliance, FEMA Disaster Recovery reimbursements, and budget administration/management.

Outside of consulting for ScienceDocs, Natalie has worked in the industry for 7+ years, focused on city-level government accounting.  She has overseen  the compliance and financial report of all 41 grant programs city-wide, totaling a $74-million portfolio. Natale has assisted grant project managers with all grant-related tasks from end to end. Tasks include setup grant awards in Munis financial system, create grant audit file, setup kick-off meeting to discuss grant requirements with project manager and department, assist with budget modifications, prepare/submit extension requests, prepare financial reporting, lead all monitoring, and prepare all reimbursement requests and close out documentation. Before this role, Natalie worked as an Accounting Compliance Officer in a local college. She supervised over $200 million in compliance in federal, pass-through partnerships, state, and other grant contracts college-wide.

Natalie holds an M.B.A from Florida International University with a concentration in Finance. She is fluent in English and Spanish and takes great pride in her work within the grant management arena. In her free time, Natalie loves to read, travel, spend time with family, and her dog Asha. 


-Setup grant awards in financial system and work to implement internal controls

– Budget modifications

-Prepare/submit grant extension requests

-Prepare quarterly or monthly financial reporting

-Gather documentation and reconcile expenditures to submit for reimbursement requests

– Cost & Burn Rate Analysis

– Prepare Budgets

-Assist in grant close-out/ single audit requirements

-Ensure awards comply with established federal, state, sponsor/ grantor regulations 


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