Post-award Grant Manager Team

A seasoned post-award grant manager on your team is essential for your grant compliance and for a healthy journey through your award period and beyond. ScienceDocs grant managers routinely assist award-winning startups, universities and other organizations with post-award research administration support up to and including CPA-level consult for both SBIR as well as academic grants and contracts.  Our projects for example can range from a few short hours of budget consult to ongoing grant compliance support for 5-year contracts for some of our clients.  Our specialized post-award grant manager team is fluidly connected and regularly overlapped with our pre-award team.  Some of the services that our clients often request of us include:

  • Grant Administration/Compliance including all federal and non-federal 
  • Budget Support, Analysis and Report Generation
  • Accounting system setup, expense reconciliation, resolution of accounting issues
  • Maintaining appropriate records for audits, progress reports and closeouts
  • Serving as a liaison among prime institutions, collaborators and sponsoring agencies
  • Human Resource Support including monitoring salary/effort allocations
  • Thoroughly interpret agreement/contract guidelines, policies, procedures, and terms and conditions

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