Pre-award Grant Administrator Team

A seasoned pre-award grant administrator on your team can easily spell the difference between you succeeding in your funding efforts or ultimately falling short. 

Applicants are pulled in many different directions and do wear many hats.  And the burden generally finds its way to a PI to shoulder alone:  Finding the right opportunities and establishing a strategic timeline to attack those, project management, liaison/team coordination and communications, reviewing and editing key proposal material, proper proposal submissions..the list goes on in what can feel like a chaotic time for an applicant to pull it all together. 

But we are here to help!  Our clients (startups as well as academics/universities) have been coming to us since 2004 to assist with various tasks for our grant administrators such as:

  • Identifying funding opportunities for our clients to strategically pursue
  • Ensuring proper corporate or other applicant registrations are in place
  • Identifying appropriate Program Officers and other Federal personnel and arranging communications with PI
  • Generating proposal production schedules
  • Setting up secure online collaboration portals
  • Collect, format and edit proposal materials
  • Facilitate organized team communications
  • Interpretation of federal as well as non-federal grant requirements and regulations


Our pre-award grant administrator team works closely with our post-award team, especially as our award-winning clients come back to us eventually needing grant compliance assistance and various budget consults.  

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