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Ms. Ahmad – Pre/Post Award Research Administrator & Grant Manager

Ms. Ahmad is a research administrator and grant manager with twenty-five years of experience in academic research, and two years of experience in federal contracting. Ms. Ahmad can provide administrative and financial support from proposal submission to closeout. She’s worked on the PI side to prepare applications, at the central office level to submit proposals, negotiate award & subaward agreements, and in research compliance to manage and address congruency and conflict of interest concerns. She also has experience in post-award management with financial and non-financial reporting.


  • Identify funding opportunities
  • Research Administrator: Organize and develop submission timelines and checklists
  • Outline, draft, and write nontechnical proposal sections (data management plans, postdoc mentoring plans, facilities documentation, letters of commitment, etc.)
  • Collect, edit, and format nontechnical supporting documents (Biosketches, Facilities, Other Support, etc.)
  • Prepare budgets
  • Upload documents to sponsor interface (ASSIST, Workspace, etc.)
  • Collect, edit and prepare post-submission material (JIT documents)
  • Review grantee policy, negotiate award terms and acceptance to ensure compliance with sponsor
  • Interpret regulations and laws regarding grant administration
  • Serve as a liaison between prime institutions and collaborators as a grant manager (draft sub agreements, organize reporting schedules and requirements, manage awarded budgets and monitor expenses, etc.)
  • Collect, edit, and submit progress reports from award to closeout


Ms. Ahmad has a B.B.A. in Accounting and has been certified as a C.R.A. by the Research Administrator’s Certification Council. She began her career in research administration as an Office Manager for a small business where she gained experience in government contracting and procurement. Ms. Ahmad worked for seventeen years at a College of Medicine as a pre- and post-award specialist, with teams that have won millions of dollars in grant funding, including multiple research and center grants, research training and career development awards and contracts,  conference grants, and instrumentation grants. She’s worked as a research administrator with federal (NIH, USDA, NSF, NASA, DoD, etc.), non-federal (CPRIT, JDRF, ACS, etc.), and various state governments.

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