research administratorMs. Alexa – Pre/Post Award Research Administrator & Grant Manager

Ms. Alexa is a seasoned research administrator and grant manager with fifteen years of experience in post-secondary education research.  She can provide administrative and financial support for projects “cradle to grave” (or from proposal to closeout.)  Her experience allows her to adeptly handle administrative matters including reviewing grant proposal requests, packaging grants for submission, creating and negotiating budgets – clinical trials, reviewing protocols, creating and standard operating procedures (SOPs). She also has extensive experience in post-award management with financial and non-financial reporting and was solely responsible for a funding portfolio of over $13 million for one of the largest federally funded medical colleges department.

Research Administrator Services

  • Read and interpret different funding opportunity announcements, including federal grant requests for proposals to help facilitate submission process.
  • Identify and locate possible funding opportunities (federal, state, or private).
  • Provide preliminary to final review of grant proposals by maintaining expert knowledge of sponsor guidelines and procedures.
  • Assist to complete federal, state or private grant applications in different electronic research administration systems (NIH ASSIST,, Workspace,, eBRAP, and Proposal Central).
  • Collaborate directly and remotely with federal, state, private, non-profit, and pharmaceutical entities on behalf of the Principal Investigator.
  • Create and review research budgets to ensure compliance with applicable regulations, sponsor/funder terms and conditions, and institutional standards.
  • Compile and assemble Just-in-Time request, research performance progress reports or closeout submissions.
  • Coordinate and provide post-award activities including submission of technical and financial progress reports, budget revisions, forecasting results, funding trend analyses, no-cost extension requests, prior approval requests, audits, close-out, etc.


Ms. Alexa has a B.A. in English and Art History, which honed her critical thinking skills and a Master of Education. After leaving the teaching profession, she began her career as a research administrator as a program manager for a federally funded student development grant.  From that role, she served as the IRB administrator and then moved into the proposal development and management.   In her vast portfolio, she has had the chance to assist PIs submitting successful proposals to NIH (K series, P series, U series, R series, T series and B series), DOD, USDA, DOE, NSF, Chan Zuckerberg, American Heart Association, Mike Hogg, International Rett Syndrome, JDRF, and others. In addition, she is an active member of NCURA (National Council of University Research Administrators) and SOCRA (Society of Clinical Research Associates). 

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