research administratorMs. Carolyn – Pre-award and post-award research administrator

Carolyn is a dedicated research administrator specializing in pre-award and post-award functions within the full grant lifecycle. At ScienceDocs, she helps clients with budgetary management for industry, federal and foundation funding, contract execution and analysis, including domestic and international subcontract initiation. With 8 years’ experience in research administration Carolyn is well-versed in compiling and cross-checking federal applications to the NIH, DoD, NSF, NASA, DOE and USGS.


Completing +150 submissions across the last 3+ years, Carolyn has handled space program applications to pharmaceutical contracts involving IND drug development, to medical foundation application packages including (but not exclusive to) American Heart Association, American Society of Hematology, Lymphoma Research Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and American Cancer Society. She seeks to provide clients with the appropriate planning timelines which encourage a high-quality submission product. Carolyn is known for bringing balanced and structured organization to dynamic projects involving medical and non-medical scientific research.



  • Subcontract negotiation
  • Contractual agreements
  • Federal policy/guidance
  • Proposal preparation
  • Budget development
  • Application assembly for federal, industry and private foundation proposal submissions
  • Basic and applied research, pre-clinical, clinical trial, early drug development



In addition to her role at ScienceDocs as an active research administrator, Carolyn has served as co-chair for a research administration committee university think tank. Her focus serves to continually develop and strengthen mapping strategies in securing an efficient chain of command for the nuanced needs of scientists. Carolyn serves as an advisor and strategist to research administrators across these communities, under the mission to cultivate a broad spectrum understanding of the scientific grant process.


Carolyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in English & Cultural Studies from University of Westminster, London, England, and is a certified instructor in English as Second Language.


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