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Dr. Kimberly W. – Research Contract Analyst and Consultant

Kimberly is a research contract analyst with over 10 years of experience in academia.  She has worked in both top tier biomedical research institutions and more generalist universities with research programs in physical and computer sciences to review, draft, and negotiate various research contracts while keeping in mind academic expectations and federal guidelines and laws.  While working within academic institutions  Kimberly has had the opportunity to work with many academic institutions and a variety of industries all over the world, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, high-tech, and oil and gas companies of all sizes.


Contract Review

Contract Negotiation

Contract Drafting

Contracts include: Confidential Disclosure Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Data Transfer Agreements, Collaboration Agreements, Industry Sponsored Research Agreements, Service Agreements, Testing Agreements, and Clinical Trial Agreements

Experience: Contracts of this nature often contemplate outcomes for intellectual property, publication, and confidential information, all of which are paramount to continuing research and development in all scientific fields. Kimberly is adept at determining when a contract is needed, what kind of contract is needed, and how to keep the best interest of the client in mind.

Additionally, as a seasoned research contract analyst, Kimberly understands how academic institutions are organized and how to connect with the right people at the institution when a project is being proposed.  These groups may include the research contracts group, the sponsored programs office, the technology transfer office, and/or the office of general counsel.  Communication between all of these groups may be required at any point during contract review and negotiation.

Finally, her background in cell and molecular biology allows her the ability to both understand and translate biomedical and life sciences into lay terms when liaising between parties.  This scientific understanding also allows her the ability to identify scientific programs that may synergize with a client’s research and development goals.

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