SBIR grant compliance

Mr. Andrew N., CPA — Startup Accountant and SBIR Grant Compliance Consultant

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Andrew leads the ScienceDocs grant compliance team.  He provides our startup/small business clients with critical support for federal grants and contract awardees. He also delivers strategic financial planning, budget administration, accounting/tax and other services that are integral to the healthy growth if not very survival of businesses of any size.


Outside of consulting for ScienceDocs, Andrew has owned and operated his own CPA firm for over 20 years. Previously he planned, coordinated and facilitated the audits of small businesses in the San Francisco Bay area. Andrew worked for Frank Rimerman as an Audit Manager, for Seiler LLP as an Accountant, and as a Senior Federal Tax Analyst for Oracle.


Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in government grant accounting and SBIR grant compliance services for for-profit entities.  He has consulted with fortune 500 companies and small business grant recipients in locations all over the United States.  He provides the following support to for profit grant recipients:


  • SBIR Grant Compliance Analysis
  • Accounting System and policy consulting
  • Grant compliant accounting systems
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Tax Services and Preparation
  • Profitability and Cost Analysis
  • New Business Development
  • Contract Development / Negotiations
  • Budget Administration / Cost Management
  • Accounting Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Client Relationships Management
  • Team Building and Leadership


To work with SBIR Grant Compliance CPA Mr. Andrew N., please visit our quote page and request him in the description area.

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