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Biotechnology SBIR Grant Writer and R&D Business Consultant Dr. Bruno – 80+ SBIR Grant Wins

Dr. Bruno is a top-notch industrial Biotechnology scientist, extremely successful SBIR grant writer, and former academic Professor with a wealth of experience and advice to aid in obtaining funding from a variety of governmental and NGOs.


  • Novel diagnostic and therapeutic concept development
  • SBIR grant writer as well as R01 and other academic grant writing
  • Intellectual property protection strategies
  • Patent due diligence
  • Strategies to overcome patent examiners
  • Market research
  • Technology placement strategies
  • Commercialization/licensing strategies and plans
  • Manuscript writing and editing


Experience:  In addition in serving as a ScienceDocs SBIR Grant Writer, Dr. Bruno is a well-established Principal Investigator who has written and successfully executed over 80 SBIR and STTR Biotech grants/contracts for a variety of government agencies including CDC, DoD (DARPA, DHA, DTRA and OSD), EPA, FDA, NASA, NOAA, NIH and USDA since 1999. He has served as the Chief Science Officer or Director of Biotechnology for five different Biotech companies and two of those companies, which he founded, were acquired in 2017.  He has published 118 peer-reviewed journal articles as well as several book chapters and obtained 16 issued Biotech patents.  He obtained a Ph.D. in Microbiology with emphasis on Immunology from the Univ. of Arizona in 1991.  His honors include an SBA Tibbetts award for one of the companies he founded as well as winning second place in an FDA Tech challenge and lecturing for WADA in London and Rome.  His R&D specialties include novel DNA aptamer (SELEX) and immunoassay development, fluorescence assays including FRET, fluorescence polarization, FISH, time-resolved fluorescence and novel quantum dot or electrochemiluminescence (ECL) and lateral flow assays.  He is well-versed in a variety of molecular biology techniques including PCR/QPCR, NGS, CRISPR, recombinant DNA technology and immunologic techniques.  He also has expert knowledge of Chemical and Biological or Bioterrorist defense and associated technologies.  Finally, he has taught college-level courses in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Nanotechnology part-time for over two decades which resulted in his winning two student-initiated Excellence in Teaching awards.


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