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SBIR grant writer Dr. Simpson has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Neuroscience from the University of Arizona and conducted her postdoctoral research at Johns Hopkins University. Her 30-year career in science has been divided roughly evenly between academic research and product development in the Biotech industry. When at Johns Hopkins she was promoted to a faculty position after only 4 years due receiving early independent NIH grant funding. Dr. Simpson has continued to successfully obtain academic and SBIR grant funding both for herself and others across a variety of disciplines and from diverse range of agencies. Recent submission topics include novel contraceptive devices, diagnostics for arthropod-borne pathogens, detection of bio-threat agents, liquid biopsy diagnostics, and plant disease management. Dr. Simpson is well familiar with various agency grant-scoring processes, including NIH’s 5 parameter scoring system. She has received funds and managed projects funded by the NIH, Department of Defense (DOD) and USDA. Dr. Simpson is also available for external review of previously prepared grant submissions.


Dr. Simpson has extensive experience in the Biotechnology industry, primarily developing in vitro diagnostic products. She has been involved in all aspects of the product development process from conceptualization, through design specifications and development, to production and commercialization. Through this she has gained extensive experience in documenting product performance specifications and maintaining design history files. She has also been heavily involved in production operations; specifying facilities requirements, establishing and writing standard operating and testing procedures (SOPs, STPs), as well as preparing audit forms and deviation reports. Dr. Simpson is able to interact with diverse groups within an organization and has been involved in, not only the development of biological reagents, but, also hardware and software design and testing. She has planned, led and reported results for highly successful external validation testing projects for both the USDA and the DOD. As a Vice President of Technology in the biotech industry Jeanette has also become highly skilled in the ability to present complex technologies in an easily understood manner to non-technical audiences such as potential business investigators and product consumers.


Dr. Simpson is excited about the innovation currently being produced by academic and industry scientists and welcomes the opportunity to promote their success.


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