Chemistry translatorM. Schlecht received a PhD from Columbia University in 1980. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Schlecht joined the chemistry faculty at Polytechnic University (Brooklyn, NY), where he supervised graduate students and engaged in teaching and research in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry from 1982 to 1988. He left Polytechnic in 1988 to join DuPont Agricultural Products to do research on novel herbicides and fungicides, later in the areas of target site-based agents and technical database design and interfaces. He moved again in 1999 to a small contract research company, CBR&D. Dr. Schlecht left active research in 2002 to start freelance technical translation, writing and editing practice, with special expertise in the chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, polymer and agrochemical fields. This in turn led to his involvement in ScienceDocs.

Dr. Schlecht is a primary ScienceDocs chemistry translator from Japanese to English, but also French, German and Spanish to English.  He reviews and edits extant translations in these language pairs, and does editing of original English language texts. From his extensive experience in the research environment, Dr. Schlecht has an excellent command of the technical idiom in English and the above source languages, and can work proficiently on documents that are beyond the reach of generalists.

 To work with Dr. Schlecht, please visit our quote page and request him in the description area.

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