crowdfundingScienceDocs is now offering Science Crowdfunding Opportunities!

We are pleased to announce that we are building a science crowdfunding website, which is slated to finish soon.  “Crowdfunding” is raising funds through appealing to the public at large.  Crowdfunding in general has been something that has gained traction since 2009 through the likes of Kickstarter and other companies, but science crowdfunding is a relatively new and modest phenomenon that we intend to take to another level.

It is our intention to have YOU the scientist or clinician promote what you are doing in your laboratory, etc. to simply educate this lay audience of potential funders what your research is all about, why you need funding and what your future plans are (milestones, what you need the money for, etc.).  The individuals who consider funding your research will primarily be doing so through some kind of emotional connection to your work and a belief that you are worth investing in.  Those who fund your research will be doing so simply to help you and will expect nothing in return other than the satisfaction that they have put their money to a good cause they believe in.  You are free however at your discretion to offer incentives to funders at certain levels, such as a paid visit to your lab or perhaps an opportunity to speak with you about your research for example.

ScienceDocs will not charge you to participate in this global science crowdfunding program.  We will only charge an 8.5% service fee for successfully funded transactions.  ScienceDocs will use part of these funds to actively market your opportunity through social media and other avenues. You will be able to elect what is called an ‘all or nothing’ opportunity (if it doesn’t meet the 100% mark by the deadline then no funders will be charged) or you may choose to retain the funds if your goal is not met. 

The form below is for early participants to our new system.  We would like to launch our new science crowdfunding website with several opportunities for funding.  Once we go live with this, you will be able to manage your own account and the world at large will be able to see what you are presenting and will have the chance to fund your research.


Crowdfunding Application

  • Please describe your research, your direction and a financial need that may be specifically met by an amount of money from $1000 to $100,000. (Keep in mind that if this doesn't meet your goal none of the funders will be charged and there will therefore be zero funding.)
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 500 MB.
      Please share your CV, pictures, a headshot of yourself, ppt, video...anything that will help your potential funder have some better idea about (and connection with) you and your research.

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