lab managerIs your Lab or Institute producing more data than you know what to do with?  Do you have bottlenecks in your pipeline?  Wearing too many hats and don’t have enough time to get the papers and grants through?

We can help!

We can provide you and your lab/institute or business with a cost-effective, dedicated and specialized team comprised of a Project Manager, Writer, Editor and any other supporting personnel you need to keep your machine running smoothly.  Your team will be chosen that best matches not only to your research itself, but also to the grant funding institute or other mechanism.  This dedicated team of yours will be a remote attachment to your own personnel and will interact with you through our own project management platform, videoconferencing and of course email on a regular basis.

Whether you need a powerhouse team to help you with a single project, such as a grant or a couple related articles…to perhaps a longer-term situation, we want our clients to be able to spend time on what makes most sense.  If a university lab, that would be the research.  If a for-profit corporation, that would be running the business.  

Below are some of our Project Managers.  You may also like to explore our team of grant writers or perhaps browse our research specific divisions from this page.

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