medical illustratorMr. Paul – ScienceDocs Medical Illustrator and Animator

Mr. Paul, a Medical Illustrator , has been creating highly detailed images for clientele  for over twenty-five years.  Mr. Paul works in a myriad of aspects in the field including surgical, medical reference, medical-legal illustration medical device patent diagrams.

Mr. Paul earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts, in Medical Illustration, from The Rochester Institute of Technology in 1996.  He is knowledgeable in traditional techniques, such as gouache, watercolor, carbon dusting, and pen & ink.  Mr. Paul continues to work in traditional styles; however in keeping with current trends, he is also trained and often works in digital formats. Mr. Paul has illustrated dozens of textbooks and journal articles ranging in areas from Otolaryngology, Neurosurgery, Neurology and Molecular Biology.  He has completed many medical exhibits used in the legal community as well as technical illustrations for medical device patents and sales. 

 In addition to Medical Illustration, Mr. Paul also has interests in fine art.  He composes portraits in a variety of media from oils to watercolors.  Wildlife art is a passion and often seen as a subject in his painting. 

 Works by Mr. Paul can be found in many textbooks by LWW, Elsevier and Thieme.  


Some examples of Mr. Paul’s work:



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