translation-puzzle-480x320fProper scientific and medical translation of technical research material is often poorly understood and poorly executed.  It generally takes an enormous amount of effort for a researcher to write a paper, and this is often done only after a laborious and costly experimental phase.  When everything is at stake, for the manuscript to then go through poor translation is a tragedy as well as an insult to global research communication at large. The ScienceDocs translation process as well as the talent are unique to and highly respected in the industry.  By default, our process involves a specialist three person team which synergistically works on every project together. 

The ScienceDocs Translation and Post-translation Edit Process

A Project Manager (PM) handles the project as it first comes to us, explaining to the client who is assigned to the team and why.  The PM coordinates the process as well as assures Quality Control and that the timeline of the project is indeed met. Once a project begins, the specialists are then in direct contact with the client, and of course each other throughout the project.  When the actual translation finishes, it goes through post-translation copyediting, then back to the translator for review of edits.  The paper is then sent to the client whereupon the entire team remains available to answer any questions or subsequent client changes to the manuscript.  

ScienceDocs has been in the translation industry since 2004, and is a global leader in STM translation into and out of English. Our clients have come to depend on us for the finest services available at reasonable rates. Please fill out the quote request below and we will be right back to you.


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