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Credit: Venessa Miemis

As with nearly any other relationship, scientific collaboration shouldn’t be left to chance.  For example, many scientists stumble upon collaborators at a conference every few years or simply wind up working with other researchers at their university, even if they aren’t a perfect fit.  While these avenues certainly can bear fruit and result in successful research and co-author relationships, other areas should be explored to remotely connect with researchers such as through social media, online groups and now recently through ScienceDocs.

We are proud to offer a new free service to bring together collaborators on a global level.  While you may find a researcher through our system who happens to live/work very close to you, you are just as likely to find someone in a different country. 

This is a relatively new offering of ours that we hope will prove successful.  Please fill out the form below as completely as possible.  You are free to upload pictures of yourself and your lab, your research, papers, anything that may help a potential collaborator fully understand who you are and what your work is all about.  Once we have the information from this form, a page will be created for you and will become searchable both on and off of the website.  This system may be used if you have more of an immediate need for collaboration or simply if you would just like to make contacts in your field for future potential collaborations.  If your needs change or you would ever like a page removed, just let us know.  Any contact information you specify will be viewable on our website so that your potential collaborators may contact you, though we have security layers that protect against spambots.

Please remember that if your collaboration needs include study design, statistics, writing, editing or translation, these are services that ScienceDocs offers as well.


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This form is for scientific researchers who are interested in some level of collaboration.

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      Please share your CV, pictures, a headshot of yourself, ppt, video...anything that will help your potential collaborator have some better idea about (and connection with) you and your research.

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