sociology editorAnthropology and Sociology Editor – Mr. Findler

Mr. Findler earned his master’s degree from the University of Chicago in social science with an interdisciplinary orientation, concentrating in cultural anthropology. For seven years, he taught English, including writing, to students with native languages other than English, and during that time, he wrote, administered, and implemented successful development grant projects, consulting on and editing the texts of several more. In this context, he also edited researchers’ academic manuscripts, job application materials, personal statements, and other forms of English-language text.

He then transitioned to occupying himself mostly with academic editing, including substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading, reviewing documents against necessary formal and substantive checklists. He has worked on a range of documents, from books, to PowerPoint presentations, to theses, to specialized technical papers in subjects as far afield as post-colonial literary studies and oncology. The satisfied audiences for his edited texts have been layman readers, students, educational professionals, readers of technical journals, and grant funding administrators. He can adjust the register of your language to the necessary point to hit any of these marks.

He is experienced in editing funding applications and other manuscripts in a range of fields, especially the social sciences, as well as health and medical fields. He has particular expertise in anthropology. He speaks and reads French, Russian, and Armenian and gets the most value out of working with non-native English speakers.

Mr. Findler knows how much labor goes into designing a study or project and drafting a paper or grant application, and he is prepared to set off your work to the best advantage using clear, distinct, and definite language, retaining your meaning and showcasing the strengths of your research. He finds the most pleasure in the work he does to support researchers, where the improvements he can make to their clarity of expression contribute to the overall creation and spread of knowledge.

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