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Dr. White is an experienced soil science editor with extensive knowledge of biogeochemistry and plant ecophysiology in diverse natural ecosystems and polluted environments. She has a B. Environmental Sci. (Hons) in soil science, chemistry, and geology; a B. Biological Sci. in botany, plant physiology, ecology, and microbiology; a PhD in agriculture and phytoremediation from La Trobe University, Australia; a Postdoc in alpine ecology with the Research Centre for Applied Alpine Ecology at La Trobe University; and an International Postdoc in rhizosphere chemistry, plant metabolites, and microbial soil ecology at the University of Kentucky, USA.
Dr. White is also accomplished in analytical and instrumental chemistry, including synchrotron analysis of heavy metals (x-ray spectroscopy and tomography), microscopy, and metabolomic profiling. Alison is an active publisher and currently has seven papers in international journals. She has peer-reviewed and prepared manuscripts for 126 journals and has edited over 450 manuscripts and several PhD theses. Most of her editing is for non-native English speakers.

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