Ms.-SoroMs. Soro – English to Italian translator

Ms. Soro graduated in Biological Sciences in Italy where she studied molecular biology, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology and biochemistry.  She pursued a scientific career by obtaining a Masters in Immunology at the Imperial College in London. Ms. Soro worked for more than ten years as research technician in different UK laboratories at Imperial College, Bath University and the University of Bristol where she worked on research projects in the fields of microbiology, cellular and molecular biology.

This work and personal experience in the UK gave Ms. Soro the possibility to improve her writing and communication skills in English as she had been involved in writing and reviewing papers for publication, presenting data at conferences and meetings.

Ms. Soro translates from English to Italian and secondarily, also Italian to English for scientific articles, journals and other scientific documents in all areas of biology.


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