Dr Kevin – English Editor and Spanish to English Translator

Spanish to English Translator Dr. Kevin has a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in Anatomy & Neuroscience from University College Cork, Ireland. He studied a wide variety of subjects during his degree, such as anatomy, biochemistry, cell signaling, physiology, neuroscience, immunology, metabolism, pharmacology, toxicology, and statistics. His final-year research project focused on beta-amyloid in relation to Alzheimer disease. During his subsequent doctoral thesis, he investigated neurotrophic factor expression and signaling in both primary cell culture and the developing and adult rat brain. In addition, the work concerned the potential use of a member of the BMP family of signaling molecules to promote neurite outgrowth and ameliorate neuronal cell death, particularly that related to Parkinson disease. His postdoctoral work was performed in Spain in the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona. The research areas addressed included mitochondria, synaptogenesis, apoptosis, neuronal activity, and Alzheimer disease. Other skills developed during this time were Spanish-to-English translation and English language editing.

Techniques used during his scientific career include the following: western blot; immunohistochemistry and immunohistochemistry; ELISA; PCR; in situ hybridization with oligonucleotide and RNA probes; primary cell, explant, and cell line culture; bright-field, fluorescence, and confocal imaging; subcellular fractionation; immunoprecipitation; live-cell staining and imaging; calcium imaging and analysis; and image analysis.

Dr. Kevin is a member of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE), Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET), and the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA). He focuses on writing, editing, and translating scientific, medical, and related texts. The types of documents include journal articles (e.g., research reports, reviews, clinical studies, case reports, and editorials), cover letters and responses to reviewers, book chapters, and grant applications.

As an English language editor and Spanish to English translator, Dr. Kevin has edited or translated about 2000 articles. Target journals have included Nature, Circulation, JAMA, PLOS One, Neuron, Oncogene, PNAS, The BMJ, The EMBO Journal, and The Lancet.

While comfortable with a wide variety of editing and translation projects in the life and medical sciences, Dr. Kevin has a particular interest in oncology, cardiology, and neuroscience. The aim is to produce grammatically correct, clear, and comprehensible text that reads as if written by a native English speaker. He is comfortable with both American and British English and is the ideal choice for researchers wishing to ensure that their work gets the best chance possible at publication.


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