sprt psychology editorDr. Smith – Sport Psychology Editor

Dr Smith has a PhD in psychology and has served as a Senior Lecturer in Sport Psychology at a UK university renowned for its work in this field. He is also Associate Editor of The Sport Psychologist, one of the most prominent outlets for sport psychology research. Dr Smith has published 55 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 9 invited book chapters, and is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. He has very broad research experience and interests in both mainstream and sport psychology, psychophysiology, neuroscience, sports science, exercise and health. He is happy to edit manuscripts in any of these areas, and very comfortable with both qualitative and quantitative research designs, and with all methods of inferential statistical analysis. His editing experience spans many different research designs and techniques involving both humans and animals, including experimental designs, surveys, epidemiological work, case studies and single-case designs. Dr Smith’s own published work includes studies examining the use of psychological skills, psychophysiology and neuroscience in sport, drugs in sport, muscle dysmorphia, strength training methods and low back pain therapies. He is knowledgeable in numerous measurement techniques including EEG (and most other electrophysiological measures), MEG, TMS, fMRI, motion analysis, isometric and isokinetic muscle strength measures, psychometrics and in-depth interviews.  He is highly experienced in peer reviewing, copy editing and content editing manuscripts prior to publication, and working with authors to help develop their writing skills. Helping non-native English speakers to publish their work in English is something Dr Smith is particularly experienced in, as is working with early career researchers to develop their writing skills. He also has detailed knowledge of numerous academic referencing systems, including many variations of both Harvard and Vancouver styles.


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