Dr. Paulina – Academic and SBIR Grant Writer and Statistical Consultant

Dr. Paulina is a statistical consultant, data scientist, and psychometrician with an extensive neuroscientific and educational psychology background. At ScienceDocs, she helps clients with developing study design and data analytic planning for their grant proposals, as well as provides statistical consulting concerning introductory statistics, experimental design, exploratory data analysis, multivariate statistics, multilevel modeling, mixture modeling, structural equation modeling, robust statistics, psychometrics, as well as applied statistical learning and data mining methods.


  • Statistical Modeling
  • Psychometrician
  • Clinical Trial Statistician
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Visualization
  • Grant Writing (Academic/SBIR)
  • Technical Writing
  • Slide Deck Preparation/Review

Experience: In addition to serving as a statistical consultant with ScienceDocs, Dr. Paulina works as a Research Associate Professor at a Tier 1 American University. Her research efforts have raised over six million US Dollars in grant funding. She is currently serving as a Principal Member on the Curriculum and Instruction Review Panel at the Institute of Educational Science, the U.S. Department of Education and as a member of the Data Safety and Monitoring Board for the NIH funded clinical trials. She has also worked to promote the importance of measurement and statistics within the specific fields of neuropsychology and educational psychology at a national level through teaching and service.

Statistical Consultant Dr. Paulina holds a Ph.D. in Developmental, Cognitive, and Behavioral Neuroscience with a specialization in Quantitative Methods from the University of Houston, and two Master’s in Developmental, Cognitive, and Behavioral Neuroscience and Social Psychology from the University of Houston and Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, respectively. Her research pertains to problems of dealing with contaminated normal distributions and outliers in small neuropsychological samples, and the application of modern statistical approaches in studying factors contributing to academic test performance in second language learners, typically developing children, and children with learning disabilities. She has also been involved in the application of advanced statistical methods in studying the effectiveness of intervention in randomized trials involving a wide variety of complex designs encountered in clinical and educational settings, including the analysis of partially nested designs and fully nested designs with random effects with both categorical and continuous outcomes with balanced and incomplete longitudinal follow-up. She has a distinguished international publication record and experience in the competitive acquisition of third-party funding.

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