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Dr. Joseph, MD.  Surgery, Cardiovascular and Engineering Grant Writer

ScienceDocs Grant Writer Dr. Joseph has served as Professor of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania with tenure. He received a BS in chemical engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he graduated magna cum laude. For two years prior to medical school he perused graduate engineering studies while working full time as a process design engineer with the British Oxygen Company. After graduating with honors from Rutgers’ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the spring of 1991 he completed his General, Cardiac and Thoracic surgical residences at the University of Pennsylvania. During that time he spent two years as a post-doctoral research fellow in the laboratory of L. H. Edmunds, Jr.

Since joining the University of Pennsylvania faculty in 2000 Dr. Joseph has used his engineering, medical and surgical background to develop an organization dedicated to the translation of research findings into more effective and less invasive therapies for structural heart and vascular disease. This research group is comprised of engineers, computer scientists, cardiovascular imaging specialists, physicians and surgeons. The synergy, productivity and skill of this group have attracted collaborative relationships internationally in both academia and industry.

Dr. Joseph’s research interests include the design and development of large animal models of cardiovascular disease, the pathophysiology and treatment of heart failure, pathophysiology of mitral valve disease, ventricular assist device design, percutaneous valve repair/replacement, design of  heart valve repair and replacement devices, cardiac imaging with MRI, CT, real-time 3D echocardiography and NIR spectroscopy, mitral valve physiology, ventricular pacing for heart failure, valve calcification, and biocompatibility of synthetic surfaces.  As a Grant Writer, Dr. Joseph is comfortable handling subjects ranging from engineering to clinical as well as surgery-related content.

Dr. Joseph’s research institute has been continuously funded by multiple grants from the National Institutes of Health for the past 18 years. Dr. Joseph has also received significant levels of funding from the American Heart Association, philanthropic organizations and industry. Total Funding  ranges between 2M and 4.5M dollars per year. Dr. Joseph has managed over 50M dollars of research funding during his career. To achieve this level of funding, Dr. Joseph has submitted dozens of NIH grant applications including the R0-1, R21 and STTR/SBIR funding mechanisms.

Dr. Joseph has served on numerous study sections and advisory committees for both the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association. In this capacity he has reviewed over a 100 NIH grant applications – the majority of which have been to the STTR/SBIR funding mechanism.

He has published over 300 original articles, chapters and reviews. He is a past associate editor of the Annals of Thoracic Surgery and the current associate editor of Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology. He has reviewed dozens of manuscripts for many high impact journals in the cardiovascular medical and surgical field.

In working to translate research findings into devices and techniques that directly improve patient care, Dr. Joseph and has come to personally embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. His own entrepreneurial endeavors have resulted in over 25 issued or pending patents and five start-up companies.

Dr. Joseph has also served as an expert witness in several cardiovascular device patent legal cases. In this capacity he has worked with legal teams to develop claim positioning strategies to protect and value intellectual property.


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Various tasks that Dr. Joseph can assist with:

  1. Assistance with NIH grant submission strategy (R0-1, R21, STTR/SBIR mechanisms)
  2. Editing NIH grant submissions
  3. Grant construction consultation regarding:
    1. Concise, attention grasping Specific Aim construction
    2. Significance and Innovation construction – The sales pitch for the application (what are the deliverables)
    3. Approach –  deliverables are realistically achievable with the investigator’s skill set
    4. Assistance with experimental design
  4. Analysis of grant critiques/formulation of resubmission strategy
    1. Is resubmission reasonable
    2. Have the reviewers pointed out definitive targets that can be addressed
  5. Advice on study section dynamics and how it can effect application construction and strategy.
    1. know the study section roster (backgrounds and expertise)
    2. what reviewers are likely to be reviewing your grant
    3. understanding their background to help tailor the presentation of the application
  6. Advice on interacting with the NIH (Developing relationships with your Scientific Review Administrator and Program Official)
  7. Access to a network of experienced cardiovascular scientific collaborators (engineers, imaging specialists, cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons)
  8. Cardiovascular (also General and Thoracic Surgery) scientific manuscript editing and advice (over 325 manuscripts published/100s manuscripts reviewed for high impact journals)
  9. Cardiovascular Device Patent Claim construction – assistance you and your legal team in positioning claims successfully within an existing IP landscape (experience with dozens of my own patents and as an expert witness in patent litigation)

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