veterinary editorDr. Miller – Grant Writer and Broad Spectrum Medical Science Editor with Focus in Zoology

Dr. Miller earned his veterinary degree from the University of Wisconsin, and his Ph.D from Colorado State University. His Ph.D program in Clinical Sciences focused on epidemiology and infectious agent transmission across animal interfaces. His PhD program included advanced education in experimental design, evaluation of diagnostic tests, evidence-based medicine, risk analysis, disease control, emerging/foreign diseases, and disease surveillance. His advanced veterinary credentials in zoological medicine and animal welfare illustrate his broad theoretical and practical understanding of wild and domestic animals, as well as humans. Dr. Miller’s clinical experience enables him to mesh practical and theoretical concepts for human and veterinary medicine. Examples of his familiarity with human medicine include development of practice questions for physicians that are preparing for national board examinations, distillation of complex concepts for a book chapter on treatment of renal disease, and consulting on experimental design, analysis, and publication of human therapeutic drugs.  


Dr. Miller’s broad research background includes leading investigations in the areas of infectious disease, environmental toxicology, pharmacology, anesthetic and sedative agents, clinical epidemiology, animal welfare, and wildlife ecology and disease. This has resulted in over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as book chapters, other non-refereed manuscripts, and invitations to serve as a journal reviewer. Dr. Miller has received several awards for his research and writing. Dr. Miller applies this knowledge and wisdom to physician, researcher, and veterinary client needs, and examples of client satisfaction include comments such as “Thank you for your wonderful work. I am amazed at your perceptivity and inquisitiveness!”.


Dr. Miller has training and practical experience in grant writing. He has secured grants from multiple governmental and non-governmental organizations funding sources. Among these, he conceived and developed a successful grant for $5.2 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for leishmaniasis control. He also developed a USDA SBIR grant for commercialization of a feral hog bait. Other successful grants have included grants for research on tuberculosis, paratuberculosis, conservation, pregnancy diagnosis, allergy, wildlife disease and other topics.


Dr. Miller has teaching experience at four colleges and universities, for the general public, as a continuing education provider, and for invited presentations. This experience complements his writing and communication skills. His teaching philosophy is to provide clear learning objectives accompanied by oral, written, and physical materials that are interesting and practical.


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