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Welcome to ScienceDocs!  We are a U.S. based, comprehensive scientific and medical research support provider that has been leading the industry for over 10 years.  Our services include: 

We work with individual researchers, groups, publishers, universities, businesses and governmental agencies around the world with content in all physical, biological and social science disciplines. Our staff consists of over 150 seasoned PhD-level editors and writers, over 25 biostatisticians and epidemiologists, as well as an extensive in-house and contracted translation staff exceeding 1500 specialized translators into and out of English and all major languages. We are, in essence, your peers…we understand your needs and we are here to help you.

With ScienceDocs, you will have:

  • A true specialist in your field and veteran in the world of scientific publishing
  • Open, direct communication with your specialist
  • An attentive Project Manager and a strict Quality Control Process

We attribute much of our ongoing success to the fact that we enjoy our work here, and this has been possible because we have an emotional connection to what we do.  When the world’s latest research pours onto your desk from all across this globe and in virtually every possible scientific discipline, it is hard not to be excited.  We are humbled and honored each day to have the opportunity of serving our clients. We have also developed several other ways to interact with our clients.  We welcome you to not only enjoy this material, but we urge you to participate in our ever-growing global discussions and interact with your peers here whether they are down the hall or on the other side of the planet:

ScienceDocs supports Open Access, and we foster a collaborative ‘no boundary’ approach to global research.  We believe that economic, political or geographic limitations should never prevent the open sharing of scientific knowledge.


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