sbir grant consultantDr. Arikatla – Academic and SBIR Grant Consultant – Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering Specialist

Since 2009, Dr. Arikatla has achieved significant experience as both an academic and industry grant consultant in the areas of surgical simulation and planning, computational mechanics, virtual reality, physics-based real-time simulation, and software development. As of 2021, Dr. Arikatla has been extensively involved in over 25 proposal campaigns (as PI/co-PI) and has been successful in winning over 11 NIH SBIR/R01/R21 grants worth over 10 million dollars. During this time, he has also rendered years of services as a reviewer on SBIR review panels, on editorial boards, on internal red teams, and as an expert reviewer for journals/conferences. Dr. Arikatla received his Ph.D. and master’s from Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 2014 and 2009 respectively. For his graduate work, he developed fast multigrid algorithms for interactive virtual environments and low-cost predictor-corrector methods for simulating arbitrary frictional/adhesive contacts. During his tenure in industry and academia, Dr. Arikatla led and has been an individual contributor to several virtual surgical trainers and planner NIH projects in the areas of maxillofacial surgery, renal biopsy, arthroscopy, and pulmonary valve replacement. Over the years as both an academic as well as SBIR grant consultant, Dr. Arikatla has successfully collaborated with cross-disciplinary, geographically separated teams of mechanical/software engineers, academics, clinicians, human factors experts and business professionals. He has a proven track record of working with more than 10 external collaborators from academia and industry including Harvard medical school, Intuitive surgical, Children’s national, Cleveland clinic and Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

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