Charles ReplogleMr. Charles Replogle – COO and Projects Director of ScienceDocs Inc.

Mr. Charles Replogle is the COO and Projects Director of ScienceDocs.  He has a widely-varied and extensive background in science, editing, writing, literature, languages, and public health.  Charles has a BFA in Creative Writing from BGSU, has worked as a professional writer and reviewer for several publications and is a recipient of an international writing award from the Society for Technical Communications (STC).  Charles has had years of undergraduate and graduate science study, finished a post-bac premed program, and obtained his MPH in Epidemiology at UCLA.

Charles worked in the Cancer Epidemiology Lab at UCLA and his research focused on ADH polymorphisms and cancer incidence in Chinese populations.  He has since been co-author of several DNA methylation/cancer incidence papers through ScienceDocs collaborations.  Additional research and work experience of his over the years have included Macrocystis pyrifera (brown algae) population studies, and experience ranging from nutrition to emergency medicine to biology field work.

Charles has studied Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese as well as Etymology (Greek and Latin) and Linguistics.  He brings a keen eye as a Project Manager for projects that involve editing, writing, translation and statistics, and he greatly enjoys his work.

On a personal note, Charles is an ultramarathoner, martial artist and fiction writer.  A nature lover with an adventurous spirit, Charles enjoys spending time in the woods around the northwestern U.S.  He is married and has two daughters.

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